Turn customer feedback into actionable insights

Customer experience is today’s battleground:
we help you win. Engage every customer.
Optimize every experience.


Embed customer feedback, customer data, and insights in your organization to make every experience great

Model and instrument every touchpoint via analytic tools and dashboards to
effortlessly connect with your customers at any point in their journey.

Embed Customer Feedback

From unstructured data
to actionable insights

Birdeye's Natural Language Processing (NLP)
engine, Athena, converts mountains of feedback
into razor-sharp insights you can act on.

Deep sentiment analytics let you measure
performance across custom categories, discover
overarching topics, and identify root causes
driving customer sentiment.

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Customer Experience Insights

Get insight into
your customers

Run NPS and CSAT surveys for different customer
segments to glean insight into reviews and ratings.
Stay on top of sentiment trends with advanced
reporting and custom alerts.

Monitor and respond to all reviews in one place.
Use Ticketing to solve problems faster and convert
detractors into promoters.

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Customer Experience Surveys

Feedback comes from
many sources, and we
capture them all

Take your overwhelming customer data and give it
to Birdeye. With all of your customer feedback in
one place, we provide you insights you can easily
understand and take action on.

Leverage these to optimize business decisions that
make customers happier, faster.

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Customer Experience Insights2

Text sent. Growth delivered.

Turn conversations into conversions. Only with Birdeye Messaging can you connect with new leads and customers via text, Google, Facebook, and Instagram from anywhere on your dashboard. 

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Customer Experience Unified Inbox

Benchmark against
your competitors

With Birdeye's Competitor Analysis, get the same insights into your competitors' customers that you have into your own.

Compare performance at an industry, brand, location, category, and topic level to understand where you excel and where you can improve in order to dominate the industry.

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Customer Experience Benchmarking
review management

Manage 10 or 10,000
locations in one place

Manage all your customer feedback in one place,
streamline management with custom hierarchies
and designated user roles and permissions.

Birdeye integrates seamlessly into your existing,
work flows with custom APIs so you can optimize
customer experience without missing a beat.

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Customer Experience Review Management

Start growing with Birdeye today

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