Let Birdeye do the heavy lifting.

Birdeye Professional Services are for
businesses looking for CX expertise and tailor-
made custom analytics and development

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We're Robin to your Batman

Sometimes you need to call in the technical cavalry. Birdeye can take on your custom data analysis and
provisioning solutions to help your team focus. Our technical experts will lead projects such as custom API
integration, website & CRM integrations, SSO and much more.

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Custom Analytics

Your business data, the way you want to see it

Our data experts customize your reports in the way you prefer, converting customer feedback into business insights and making it easy to drive to business-critical decisions. We cover your competitive landscape as well. You choose the timing, frequency & audience for these reports, and we’ll do the rest.

Custom Analytics
Custom Development

Have an idea?
Let us turn it into reality

While you focus on your core business processes,
our technical experts take up your customized projects that help you get more done. From integrations to automation to any prioritized feature and functionality development, we've got
you covered.

Custom Development
Birdeye is constantly working with our team to make customizations
that we appreciate. Their custom reporting is incredible! Having
previously used competitor reputation tools - there is no going back after working with Birdeye.
Jennifer Just, Brand Reputation Specialist, Eldorado ResortsJennifer
Birdeye Professional Services are priced based
on the number of hours needed.

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Looking for help managing reviews, chat and
search rankings?

Birdeye also offers a suite of managed services, with technical and customer support experts who serve as an extension to your team.